Volume 6 Brummi – The Little Bear - Autorin Dorothee Sargon

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Volume 6 Brummi – The Little Bear

Books for children

Brummi is not enthusiastic about the news his Mum gives him. She would like to move to Berlin and get married.
In addition, he is to get a new step-sister, with the ugly name Brummeline, as well as a new father.
He does not want to know anything about a patchwork family and tries to dissuade his mother from the idea.
The book tells how he tries to make himself unpopular, and what he does, but all to no avail. With a heavy heart,
he says goodbye to Lüneburg, his girlfriend Tutu, and the kindergarten, in which he had been so happy.
Many new adventures and problems await him in Berlin,
but he would not be Brummi if he did not learn how to cope with them.


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