Goodbye Working Life! Hello Retirement! - Autorin Dorothee Sargon

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Goodbye Working Life! Hello Retirement!

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This book tells the true experiences of a retired couple who spend most of their retirement in Spain for the sun and the mild climate. This includes the building of their dream home. Despite all the difficulties, it is the greatest adventure of their lives.
After more than a year of construction, they move into their ‘casa’. They make a checklist of repairs and improvements. Yes, German attention to detail does sometimes get in the way. They move into two further building phases and quickly learn to deal with craftsmen. But coping with the local authorities almost brings them to despair. Finally, they are forced to survive an armed robbery. Read this book and learn how and whether they managed it.
Similarities with people, names and locations are purely coincidental and unintentional.
This book was written to show people in the prime of life, that it is possible to handle and master new tasks even beyond 60. You need only a partner who pulls in the same direction, courage, the will, the stamina, the money and a sense of adventure. At least that is the opinion of Dorothee and Alexander.

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