My Dream, Ayurveda in India - Autorin Dorothee Sargon

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My Dream, Ayurveda in India

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Dorothee discovered the perfect place, the Little Flower Retreat and Spa. With excited anticipation, she thought about making all the necessary arrangements for the long journey. Flights, visa and the Retreat reservation were all booked in record time, but she started to be worried about making such a long journey alone.

In her story, Dorothee tells you about how she achieved her desire; about the stopover in Dubai, where she imagined being in Scheherazade's Arabian Nights; and about how she experienced and enjoyed being in a foreign culture with the added bonus of losing weight at the same time. She tells her story with clarity and humour and explains the reader all about the Ayurveda treatment, a 4000 year-old healing method, a speciality in Kerala, and about the Kathakali theatre, the Backwaters and the tea plantation area in the mountains; and Dorothee includes little snippets of her very personal experiences and delight.

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